cerdo iberica

"Churro" sheep is able to raise the "Milk-fed lamb ", that meets certain characteristics, which distinguishes it from any other breed of sheep, making it a high quality product at every table valued and worthy recognition. The Milk-fed lamb Lamb de Castilla y León must meet the following requirements:
Lambs regardless of gender.
Live weight at slaughter at: from 9 kg to 12 kg.
• Age of sacrifice up to 35 days
Feeding the lamb is done exclusively breastfed.



It is the highest quality baby lamb ... ... the "top of the range. Since its birth, is subject to the dictates and controls that makes the IGP, the Regulation and Control Board. The seal IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), is the guarantee of any product under an Appellation of Origin. .
Whether grilled, as stew, and their chops, kidneys, or sweetbreads, provide a real pleasure to the most demanding palate. Any of its parts is a real delicacy..
It's also ideal for lovers of exclusivity, for the true gourmet exquisite, for lovers of good food.


- Profile subconvex tending straight.
- Harmonious proportions.
- Slightly rounded contours.
• Characteristics of the fat:
- Fat waxy white outer.
- The omentum covers the channel.
- The kidneys appear covered in more than half of its surface.
• Flesh color: Pearl white or pale pink.
• Characteristics of the flesh: Meat very tender, low infiltration, intramuscular fat, juicy, smooth texture.


We have the usual cuts of lamb, however we can adapt to the needs of our customers with "special" cuttings.

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